Backstage Pass NOTES (NOTES)

Backstage Pass NOTES: NOTES


We’ve launched the Backstage Pass to transform the experience of investing in music royalties.

Governed by $NOTES, Backstage Pass will offer many exciting benefits for the ANote Music community who use our royalties marketplace, such as exclusive access to catalogues, discounts, and premium perks.
The Backstage Pass programme has multiple tiers based on the amount of $NOTES held. Start at Blue and unlock up to the Platinum Pass as your account grows.

Benefits include:

  • Discounts on music catalogue purchases in the form of fiat cashbacks
  • Token trading rewards on Secondary Market activity
  • Royalty rewards on music royalties’ payouts

ANote Solutions GMBH’s token-based loyalty programme aims to continually improve services and experiences within the platform, prioritising feedback from their passionate community. Every holder of a single $NOTES token will be granted access to an exclusive premium section on ANote Music. The ANote Backstage Pass opens extra perks and advantages depending on the token holder’s status/tier which is determined by the amount of $NOTES held in the wallet.

ANote Backstage Pass benefits include:

  • Cashbacks
  • Auction Royalties and Trading Rewards
  • Premium Platform Access
  • Referral rewards


Total Supply (Qty)100,000,000 NOTES  
Blockchain Support(Polygon) 
Official Website 

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