Token Symbol: NMR3L

Numeraire is the creator of Erasure, a live protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that allows the staking and burning of NMR tokens, the native token of the Erasure Protocol. Erasure's current use cases include the following: 1.Numerai Tournament: A hedge fund that trades equities based on an aggregation of thousands of predictions made by a global network of competing data scientists. 2.Numerai Signals: An ongoing tournament to gather Russell 3000 stock predictions. 3.Erasure Bay: An information exchange marketplace where any type of information can be traded, including valuation models, product feedback, and more.

NMR3L is a leveraged token that goes long on NMR with 3x leverage, which means that for every increase in the price of NMR in the market, the leveraged NMR token seeks a 3x increase in its price. NMR3L is required to maintain its target leverage and does so through dynamic rebalancing to gain a net value increase by 3% when the price of NMR goes up by 1%.

Due to such rebalancing and investment costs, NMR3L may suffer a net value loss when the market fluctuates. Please note, AscendEX’s leveraged tokens are not suitable for long-term investment. Investors must be cautious while investing in leveraged tokens and manage their investment risks in a timely manner.

Official Website:https://numer.ai/

Risk Disclosure:
Leveraged tokens differ from regular tokens for spot trading in that there is higher risk and volatility, which could bring about great returns or losses in a single day. Please learn more about leveraged tokens in our help center before making an investment.

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