FAQ about AscendEX Copy Trading

FAQs about AscendEX futures copy trading have been summarized for your convenience. In case you have similar questions, feel free to reference the following.

1. What products are available for AscendEX copy trading?

AscendEX copy trading currently only supports futures products.

2. What assets are available for AscendEX futures copy trading?

In the first phase of our futures copy trading, AscendEX will only support BTCUSDT、ETHUSDT、ARBUSDT、ETCUSDT、LTCUSDT、DOGEUSDT and BCHUSDT for the time being.

3. When choosing a lead trader, what data can be used for reference?

To help you quickly select excellent traders, AscendEX copy trading provides an assortment of relevant trading indicators related to traders for your reference. This includes total followers, real funds, previous PnL, followers’ PnL, total PnL, win rate, max drawback, and trading preference. 

For more information, you may refer to the document titled, How to Choose a Trader.

4. Can I choose multiple traders for copy trading at the same time? Is there a limit on the number of traders that I can follow?

Yes, you may. You can choose multiple traders for copy trading simultaneously. Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of traders that you can opt to follow. (As long as the fund in your futures account is enough to cover opening multiple positions, you can follow multiple traders for copy trading.)

5. How to conduct copy trading?

You may visit AscendEX via the homepage – copy trading to perform copy trades. After selecting the desired trader, you can start copy trading in the corresponding trader information bar. Before initiating copy trading, you must first complete settings like selecting copy trading futures asset, adjusting the amount of copy trading, and so on. 

For more detailed steps regarding this process, please refer to How to Conduct Copy Trading.

6. After choosing a trader, do I open a copied position whenever the trader opens a position?

Not necessarily. If you have followed a trader for copy trading and the trader has opened a position, you can start copying trades only when the order meets the requirements you set for copy trading.

7. After following a trader, can I conduct copy trading with specified futures assets?

Yes, you can. After following a trader, you can choose specific futures assets for copy trading. For example, you may designate BTCUSDT for copy trading. In this case, the system will only initiate copy trading when the trader you follow opens a BTCUSDT position. When the trader places an order for other futures assets, the system will not proceed with copying orders. 

8. After following a trader, what conditions can I set for opening coped positions?

After following a trader, you can select futures assets when opening copied positions, set copy trading funds, including the margin of a single copied order and the maximum amount of copy trading, then adjust settings for the TP/SL. 

If you modify the position settings after the copy trading has begun, the modifications will work on new copy trading positions, without affecting current copied positions. 

For more information regarding trade settings, you may refer to Copy Trading Settings Explained.

9. What is the margin limit of a single copied order?

The margin limit of a single copied order ranges from 20 to 5,000 USDT.

10. What is the maximum amount for copy trading?

The amount of copy trading ranges from 20 to 10,000 USDT.

11. I have the same copy trading settings as the trader, how come my order size is not the same as my trader’s?

That is probably because your margin amount and leverage are not the same as those used by the trader. When the price of ETHUSDT is 2,000 USDT, the trader opens a position with the size of 1 ETH and 10X leverage, which means a margin of 200 USDT was used to open the position. In this case, you have set the margin of a single copied order to 20 USDT and the leverage of 50X for copy trading, therefore, your position size is: 20 USDT * 50 / 2,000 USDT = 0.5 ETH. Thus, the actual position size depends on your settings including the margin of a single order, the leverage, and the current price of the futures asset. 

12. After choosing a trader, can I terminate the copy trading relationship with the trader?

Yes, you can. After choosing a trader, you can terminate the copy trading relationship with the trader at any time. For the specific steps, please refer to How to Terminate the Copy Trading Relationship with a Trader

13.  I suffered a loss after copying the trader’s orders. Do I still need to pay the trader?

No, that is not necessary. The profit-sharing for copy trading with a trader is only applicable to the profitable portion of the trades.

14. What are the restrictions on specific copy trading?

To ensure efficient copy trading and enhance the overall trading experience for users, there are certain limitations put in place when it comes to opening and closing positions while copying a trader. These limitations include futures assets, margin requirements, maximum copy trading amount, and more. For detailed information regarding copy trading restrictions, please refer to Copy Trading Restrictions.

15. How do I check my copy trading profits?

You can go to Copy Trading > My Copy Trading to check for details regarding your copy trading profits, including the information related to the total copy trading principal and copy trading net profit. 

For more detailed steps, please refer to How to Check My Profits of Copy Trading.

16. After conducting copy trading, why was the order unsuccessful?

In copy trading, a variety of factors may result in the copy trading order becoming unsuccessful. For instance, the futures account balance is insufficient and the order amount has exceeded the amount limit of a single copy trading order. 

To learn more information, you can refer to the document titled, Why Is the Copy Trading Order Unsuccessful?

17. What are the requirements to become a trader?

Before applying to become a lead trader on AscendEX, please make sure you have met the following requirements: 

A. Open futures positions at least 3 times within a week on AscendEX.

B. The balance in your futures account must be ⩾ 500 USDT. 

Notes: if you are following a trader for copy trading, you cannot apply to become a trader.

To learn more about the application for traders, please refer to the document titled, How to Apply to Be Lead Traders

18. Can the trader revoke registration?

Yes. If a trader wants to revoke a registration, they need to contact our official customer service team to handle this matter.

19. Can a trader follow another trader for copy trading?

No. Traders can only lead orders as opposed to copying orders.

20. What is profit sharing for lead traders?

In the first phase of AscendEX futures copy trading, the profit-sharing ratio for lead traders is set at 10%. However, the profit-sharing ratio may be adjusted based on actual operations and revenue in the future.

21. What is the settlement period of profit sharing for lead traders?

AscendEX's profit-sharing settlement for its copy trading products occurs daily between 12:00 AM and 12:10 AM (UTC). Further, the total profit-sharing amount will be updated every hour. You may check for specific profit-sharing data on the page titled, Profit Sharing of Lead Orders.

To learn more about profit sharing, you may refer to the document titled, Profit Sharing Rules.

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