AscendEX Adds 15 New Leveraged Tokens Like STORJ, UNI, and LTC, and Begins the 10,000 USDT Airdrop!

Dear users:

To meet the trading needs of our users, AscendEX will add 15 new leveraged tokens for trading: AGLD, FLM, STORJ, CSPR, AAVE, ALGO, AXS, BCH, LTC, SNX, SUSHI, UNI, WAVES, XEM, and ZIL at 02:00 a.m. UTC, June 28. Please see more details below:

Leverage Token3X Leverage Long5X Leverage Long3X Leverage Short5X Leverage Short

Please note: L, short for long, refers to “going long”. S, short for short, refers to “going short”. The numbers 3 and 5 refer to the leverage multiple for a particular token.

AscendEX has launched a leveraged token listing airdrop event to celebrate our newly listed 15 leveraged tokens including STORJ, UNI, and LTC. First-time participants of leveraged token trading and individuals who trade newly listed leveraged tokens can participate in claiming of 10,000 USDT. Please see more details below:

Event time: June 28, 02 AM – July 05, 12 AM UTC

Click here to register for the event

Event 1: Enjoy the airdrop gift when trading leveraged tokens for the first time
During the event, users who trade leveraged tokens for the first time and purchase an amount of new tokens not less than 200 USDT will receive an airdrop of 5 USDT.

Event 2: Zero transaction fees for new tokens trading, USDT cashback reward

During the event, users whose new token trading volume is ≥500 USDT can enjoy a zero transaction fee discount on new tokens trading and a single user can receive a maximum cashback of 200 USDT.

Newly registered users with a single transaction volume of 200 USDT can also receive a reward of up to 100 USDT! >> Claim your prize now!


1. Only trades of AGLD, FLM, STORJ, CSPR, AAVE, ALGO, AXS, BCH, LTC, SNX, SUSHI, UNI, WAVES, XEM and ZIL using 3X/5X leveraged long/short of any currency can participate in the event.
2. Event 1’s prize pool is 2,000 USDT and the first 400 users who complete their first transaction will be rewarded. Event 2’s prize pool is a total of 8,000 USDT and users with high transaction fees will have priority to receive cashback rewards. Limited quantity, do not miss out!
3. Only orders displayed as “Completed” will be included in calculating transaction fees.
4. Sub-accounts cannot participate in this activity as independent accounts and the transaction volume of the sub-account is included in the statistics of the main account.
5. Winners must have a verified AscendEX account to be eligible to claim their rewards.
6. Event rewards will be issued within 15 days after the event ends.
7. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to AscendEX.

Risk Disclosure: Leveraged tokens are a type of high-risk financial derivative. Please be sure to have a full understanding of the products, as well as the rebalancing mechanism, holding costs and other basic principles before trading. The information above is not intended as advice for investment. Investors should be cautious and pay attention to risk management while trading.

Thank you for your continued support!
The AscendEX Team

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